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Cool Kids Learn provides comprehensive summer, after-school and tutoring programs that emphasize the connection between classroom learning and “the real world.” We engage certified teachers and community volunteers to work with small groups of students, focusing on the basics of reading and math, appreciating world cultures and art, and facilitating innovative group projects. All of our programs are designed and operated to help students reach or exceed grade level performance in reading and math and come away from the experience with the knowledge that learning can be fun!

CKL operates all programs according to a deeply-held set of guiding principles:

All students should have the opportunity to develop the full potential of their talents.
The education and development of a child must include parent, family, and community.
Quality instructors are the key to an effective learning experience.
Individuality should be celebrated: diversity is a good thing!
Out-of-school programs should compliment, not duplicate the primary work of schools in educating our youth.
Effective out-of-school programs should be performance-oriented and impact-based.

CKL provides academic enrichment programs after school and during the summer. We engage students in hands-on elective coursework designed to reinforce academic foundations, build critical thinking skills and expose students to cultural, career and arts experiences.

CKL Academy
This is an integrated program combining Reading and Math practice with student-driven project learning opportunities. The program gives students an opportunity to apply the skills they learn in school to group examination of a subject of their choosing using library or computer research, creative writing, and other methods of measurement and expression. >>read more.

Decision CKL
This critical-thinking/character-building program, funded by the United Way of Dade County, is specifically designed for elementary school students transitioning to middle school. The program has two components, the first one helps build positive character traits such as having respect for oneself, having respect for others, and having a positive outlook. The second component of the program will focus on making students better decision-makers.

Our innovative hands-on curriculum does not simply tell students what to do (or not to do), but teaches them decision-making methods to apply in making their own good decisions. We believe that participation in this program will have positive impact on student behaviors.