Linda C. Whye, Ed. D., Principal


                       Ms. Tracy Cartwright, Assistant Principal

 I believe an excellent administrator has to be passionate about education, the future of our children and society, and above all else, has to be a person of integrity.

I also believe given the right instruction in the appropriate environment, all children can learn to the peak of their innate ability. Of course there are obstacles, but it is up to educators to ensure that each child receives his or her optimal instructional program in a high quality learning environment. As an assistant principal, it is up to me to assist in providing teachers and staff with the training, resources and motivation to make this happen.

My experiences have confirmed that children from various cultures are subtly different in how they learn and how they present behaviors. This is a result of what is valued in their society, cultural expectations for learning and the amount of parental participation in their child's education. This makes it imperative that we strive to best serve children from all backgrounds to optimize their opportunity for learning. We must celebrate the uniqueness of every child to best help them grow in the broader society surrounding them.

As an administrator, I am a catalyst for educational change. It is my responsibility to keep growing, to keep discovering and continue to be excited by life.